Psalm 53

The two part study with Psalm 53 is now available here. 

In this study we learn how and why flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

The verses describe God’s perspective of the first man Adam and how he sees us while we are yet carnal.

Our carnality is likened unto sickness, and the healing of it is a parable that reveals the spiritual healing that God’s elect will bring to the rest of the world, pointing to the greater works that Christ said we will do.

There is great hope and promise as He brings us to see that He loves us with a perfect love from start to finish, as He show us our blindness and reveals to us how the first man Adam needs the Comforter to lead us into all truth so we can become more than conquerors through Jesus Christ and his body.

The starting point of this Psalm is the witness against our flesh. And the light that will come out of that darkness, by way of a process, is the hope of glory that God reveals to us at the end of this Psalm, in the words “Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad”.

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