Psalm 52

The three part study with Psalm 52 is now available here. 

In the first part of our study with Psalm 52 entitled “Swords and Strength”, we talked about how the Lord uses our words both to correct us and to build us up. Our own carnal sword such as the sword of Goliath chastens us just as our own iniquities chasten and teach us to forsake ungodliness and worldly lust in this age. It is God’s power that runs the whole show, both the light and the darkness, both the good and the evil which he allows to manifest. That good and evil is symbolized by a sword both negative and positive, and the promise is that God’s word which is his promise of life is “yea” as He uses evil for good, symbolically
represented by Goliath’s sword at one point in David’s life.

2Co 1:20 For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.

The next part of the study entitled “for it is good before thy saints”, examined how we all naturally put our trust in our own riches at first and if God is working with us in this age He takes away our strength, our lust of the flesh and eyes and pride of life to bring us to trust in His strength. This process of having Christ increase as we decrease is what it takes for us to become that man who has made God his strength. We discussed how that process is accomplished through the fiery process of judgment that brings us to acknowledge God as sovereign over the entire process of growing in trust. This is the process that we rejoice in “for it is good before thy saints”.

In our last part of this Psalm study we looked at the correlation of how all nations are being brought into subjection unto Christ within us and how this is akin to becoming that healthy olive plant that is planted by the riverside, or rivers of living water.

The last verse was the positive conclusion of praise and thanks unto God for the wonderful works that he does unto the children of men and for the realization that He brings us to understanding that He alone “has done it” and that this doing is “good before thy saints”. It reminds us that we serve a loving Father whose intention has always been to save all mankind, an unstoppable intention and desire from a merciful Father who grows us in praise and thanks for His incredible love and plan of mercy for all of mankind.

……….Psa 52:1-6 “Swords and Strength”
……….Psa 52:7-9 “for it is good before thy saints” PART I
……….Psa 52:7-9 “for it is good before thy saints” PART II
…………………like a green olive tree in the house of God

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