Psalm 51

The five part study with Psalm 51 is now available here. 

Mankind has been predestined from the foundation of the world to be running away from God and going into the wilderness where we think we can avoid our Creator and not have to deal with the sinful nature, which we’ve been given .

The Lord is parsing and pushing or flushing out the evil (Gen 3:9) within each of us and removing the spots from the bride’s gown so that we are a people ready (Rev 19:7-8) when the bridegroom’s voice is heard and says ‘Come!’ (Rev 22:17).

Christ is the only sure foundation upon which we can build (1Co 3:11-13 , Psa 127:1), and it is God who gives the increase for this growth and sure foundation of Christ’s bones which hold up His body the church who we are.

The good news is that there is “joy and gladness” in the morning, after we go through this process of dying daily (our bones broken/humbled/afflicted/crushed) and being judged in the earth today as God’s kind of first fruits. Only through many caused actions are we restored. It is the sovereignty of God in all that will, God willing, fill up within us what is within us of the afflictions of Christ.

There is a close relationship between repentance and the sacrifices of the old covenant and in this psalm we learned how repentance is connected to the sacrifice of the first man adam as shadowed in Gen 27:37. It is God’s awesome hands that lay upon our heads as we are brought to dying daily; to the altar as that sin offering, burnt offering, and trespass offering to make atonement.

……….Part I Psa 51:1-3 “To keep the way of the tree of life”
……….Part II Psa 51:4-7 “It Is Finished”
……….Part III Psa 51:8-11 “Make me to hear joy and gladness”
……….Part IV Psa 51:12-15 “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation”
……….Part V Psa 51:16-19 “But the hour cometh and now is”

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