Psalm 50

The three part study with Psalm 50 is now available here. 

In this psalm we learned how God gathers his saints unto himself to be dedicated through a process of sacrificing our lives which is made possible by God’s anointing. This anointing enables us to share in the afflictions that accompany every sacrifice that is salted with fire. This process of being dragged to the altar (or the cross) is painful on the flesh but because of God’s faithfulness we are held up and able to find our refuge and safe haven in Christ where our lives become living sacrifices that offer unto God thanksgiving for the many wonderful works that bring us unto maturity in our Lord.

Gather my saints together unto me
……….Part I Psa 50:1-5 “Gather my saints together unto me”
……….Part II Psa 50:6-13 “dedication of the altar”
……….Part III Psa 50:14-23 “Offer unto God thanksgiving”

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