Rejoic-ing while We’re Getting There – 2 new songs!

The expression ‘we’re getting there’ has become one of the most encouraging and sweet sounds from our sister Mary Morgan, and it made sense to take an old Latin song I wrote some years ago and set it to these words and a few other encouraging expressions from our dear Mary. We are blessed to be getting there with you all.

The song called “Rejoice” is a straight forward message to remind us that we are to rejoice in every aspect of God’s plan and especially in the decent and orderly way that He has determined it will unfold for the good of all.

I imagine more fiddles in this song, a banjo and few other instruments, but I am cautioned for now to not despise the day of small things and thank God for all the joyful noise that He allows to manifest through His little flock and in these songs of praise.

Please go to

We’re Getting There



to download/play.

For a list of all the songs available and the ability to download each one, please go to this page.

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