Psalm 67 “Seest thou this woman?”

The Psalm 67 study entitled “Seest thou this woman?” is now available here.

This study explores why we are blessed to have “God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah”, and what that means, and why it must occur to the elect first who will be used as a precious key that God is shaping and molding, or carving as a stone out of a mountain without hands (Dan 2:34).

In order to become this new key that God will use to open the hearts of mankind, we must be forged in the fiery trials that do come to those who are dragged to Christ in this age. The elect are blessed to become like the woman in Luk 7:44, a type of the church, who Christ asks of his yet unconverted disciples: “Seest thou this woman?”

When we see this woman as Christ sees her, it will be because we have come to see the dream is one (Gen:41:25-26) and that we are that woman (or church) who is guilty of all and in need of a physician.

It is through this process of coming to anoint the feet of Christ and his body that we will learn to have mercy on all the world. We pour out our very best ointment on Christ’s feet when we lay our lives down for each other and wash each others’ feet with the words of Christ.

Elect keys are being forged by Christ who is the author and finisher of that forging process. It is with these well-cut keys, that have opened up the kingdom of God which is within us, that all mankind will be brought to understand how our Father is sovereign over the doors of every man’s heart. “Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee” is mentioned twice in this same Psalm and is a witness that the key to harmony is only possible with the true witness of Christ’s life within us.

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