Wherefore Sings My Soul!

By Gale Cullen 
December 2013

right-click to download audio(choose ‘Save target/link as…’)

The following link will open the pdf chart that includes the references to all the verses used in this scripturally inspired song as well as a column with the traditional words used:
Wherefore Sings My Soul

5 Responses to Wherefore Sings My Soul!

  1. s.montes says:

    God knows the time and place, when someone’s hears will be graced to hear this. Here I am.

  2. MARY says:


  3. Sheryl says:

    Thank you Gale for reminding me of this beautiful song. I grew up hearing this as my dad used to love singing. Even my atheist brother used to say he’d get goosebumps listening to it! It is wonderful to be able to sing it knowing that He truly is THE Saviour!!! Love Sheryl x

  4. Georgie says:

    Gale this is really lovely. And i appreciate the way you set forth the original words next to your Biblical words. Thank you!!

  5. Larry says:

    Lovely….just beautiful…..and so true, Gale. Thank you!

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