Peter’s Song (Psalm 107)

Written by Tony Cullen

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Out on the Sea of Galilee where I am tossed and turned
The storms have risen… encompassed me… I feel like I’m perishing
Where are you Lord! Don’t you hear me crying for the calm to come
Cast all my cares on you… Stir you up within the hull… I know you’ll know what to do
Oh little faith of mine… His love is so divine….

Red skies in the morning
Sailors take warning
Signs of the Times
We’re watching … praying…

Finally there’s a sea of glass and that which has withheld
Has been removed by the power of God filling up our sails
Come move us Lord to the harbor of your Love
Where we can find the strength to endure every Storm
Peace that passes all understanding… fill us with thanks and praise
For all your wondrous works that you have done within!!

Red skies in the evening
Soon we’ll be leaving
Signs of the Times
We’re watching… praying…

2 Responses to Peter’s Song (Psalm 107)

  1. Mike Vinson says:

    Thank you Tony and Gale for this incredible song summarizing our walk through this valley of death, and the hope of life through Christ.

    I really enjoyed this song this morning and I want to thank Mary for posting this on her daily scripture post.

    Your grateful brother, Mike

  2. Donica Keogh says:

    As our Lord opens His gifts to you, His beloved son and daughter, you share them with us…and oh, how encouraged, oh, how lifted up to praise Him for you, for this song, for His words….for such a time as this. In the storms of life, tossed to and fro, seeing only darkness and waves threatening to overcome, we have a Savior who waits for the perfect time to remind us of our need for faith and sets the example of sleeping at peace in total confidence in His Father’s will. Thank you, Lord!

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