God So Loves The World

Written by Tony Cullen
November 2010

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If we say we see we’re yet blind
And our sin remains all the while
Praying for the Son of God to set us free
Foolish flesh that thinks it sees
Darkened by our outward eyes
Heal us Lord so we can truly see

Narrow is the way to life
And tribulations much
We were called to suffer
And to drink this Holy cup
Seals and trumpets and the vials
Then Christ is formed in us
God so loved the world He bruises us

Giving thanks we’re moving on
Christ alone our victory song
Leading us by each that’s led by you
Shepherds in the dead of night
Watching praying all our lives
So we can endure to the end

Praising God for all He does
His wondrous works within
How the lamb is sacrificed
For each of us again
Filling up what is behind
Of the afflictions still

God so loves the world He bruises us
God so loves the world He bruises us
God so loves the world He bruises us

2 Responses to God So Loves The World

  1. Wendy Davison says:

    I thank God for the way He uses you two to minister truth to us. How beautiful!
    For God chastens those…whom He loves. My our bruises bring Glory to His name.

  2. Bettie G Rogers says:

    Another great song with wonderful lyrics to know the reason we have to suffer with Him!

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