Look to the Lord

Reworked by Tony Cullen  
December 2010

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God knows the way you feel inside: You’re trying
And the war in heaven has begun
Don’t doubt love Don’t doubt love

Fight the good fight: the fight of faith.
Look to… Look to the Lord
He’s holding you up Holding you up inside

The time the time has come for One mind for One truth
We’re fervently praying for the saints: Your kingdom to come
And we live for the day when you’ll return and you’ll say: ‘put your hope in me’…please

Come back our Lord finisher of our faith
Open our eyes
So we can believe We can believe all things

Oh!! And in the end we’re reconciled
Twice the distance, Twice as wide
Yielded a life of sacrifice every idle word and vice destroyed

Come, come to us Oh come our Lord
Bless us so we’re reassured of the love you have
Praise, praise Him for His wondrous works they’ve been written within His book,
Within His book of Life

7 Responses to Look to the Lord

  1. Fannie Wright says:

    Tony and Gale, such a fitting song for this time in my life. Thank you Lord and Tony and Gale.

    And as always, Thank you Mary…..

  2. Mike Vinson says:

    Thank you, Tony and Gale. This is a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you Mary for posting this song. Your grateful brother, Mike

  3. Tony Cullen says:

    I like this song, but I have to say that Tony was playing like Fozzy the Bear, a little erratic at times 🙂 I think we’re going to re-record this one.

  4. mike vinson says:

    God has blessed us all with you ability to compose Biblically true songs and to to perform them for us. Thank you both, Tony and Gale.


  5. Steven says:

    Great song!

  6. Victor says:

    I love the harmonies too!

  7. Larry says:

    Brilliant and beautiful! Tony that voice should be heard more often and I simply love the harmonies Gale added to your voice. This is inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.


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