Before I’m Gone

Lyrics taken from a poem by Angela Martinez
Music by Tony Cullen, Vocals by Gale Cullen
September 2019

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I’m here now spend time with me now.
I can tell you stories of days gone by.
The years I’ve lived are filled with wisdom.
I may be old but even through my disabilities 

I can still make you laugh.
I can bring you joy.
I may not walk but you can be my feet.
I may not speak but you can be my voice.
I may not see but you can be my eyes.

I can share experiences from my life.

Experiences that may help you to figure out your life
I may be old there may be things I cannot do.
Please look beyond that.
If you look really hard
you can see the life that is still within me.


Bring me flowers now don’t wait till I’m dead.
Love me now and I will Love you back.
Don’t speak about me speak to me.
I still have ears that sometimes hear.

My eyes may be dim but even the shadow of you being with me brings me joy.

Love me now,
Visit me now,
Care for me now

Don’t wait till I’m leaving this world to come n’see me
That does nothin’ for me.


3 Responses to Before I’m Gone

  1. Marlene Cullen says:

    Very nice
    Love to hear it with 🎸 as well. Beautiful

  2. Karen says:

    Beautiful Gale. Those words put a tear in my eye. Karen

  3. Donica Keogh says:

    So beautiful and lovely…a song from His heart.

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