FAQs – August 2015 from IWWB

The following FAQ articles, posted in August 2015 at the IWWB site, are now also recorded on one audio file about one hour in length. There were no FAQs posted in the month of July 2015, so no audios to download :).

For your convenience, all the links to the original posts are also included below, as well as the links to all the ‘other’ FAQs referenced.

The last FAQ entitled “What Does It Mean to “Seek The Peace of Babylon“? mentions a study that inspired it, but the name of that study was not mentioned. Searching for possible sources, there are links to 4 potential ‘originators’, including a *NEW* audio reading of one very timely study (from Salisbury NC – 2010) that was not recorded at that time called “Be Not Weary In Well Doing“.

August 2015 Download audio from here
Click to play:

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