1John 5:2

By Tony Cullen

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There’s only one way to love God and fellow man: keep all His commands
and mountains moved is faith unproved God help us now keep all your commands

Why do I call you Lord and Master and don’t do the things I know I should
give me the strength to love my neighbour Lord help us to believe

man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds through your mouth
all mysteries I could perceive but love’s defined when we keep all His commands

little by little your Word is burning up all the lies of Babylon
fill us with praise for all the wondrous works that you do within

The sun won’t go down upon our wrath if this is the day of the Lord
we will arise with the Morning Star if we daily die

There’s only one way to love God and fellow man: keep all His commands

2 Responses to 1John 5:2

  1. Bettie Rogers says:

    Amen Tony & Gale, keeping His commands is loving God and our fellow man. Thanks for this lovely rendition in song, Love, Bettie

  2. Ernestine Priebe says:

    Thank you Tony and Gale for your rendition of 1John 5:2. Truly the only way to love God is to keep His commands.

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