Ancient Whispers

Written by Tony Cullen
March 2011

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Ancient whispers from the start; Is Was and Will Be from head to heart
Breaking the statue and height within; freeing our souls from every sin.

We watch and pray as Christ begins his work
He conquers every man from head to foot
The kingdom grows within as we decrease
His strength will be perfected in the weak.

Labouring to enter in… to the rest that never ends
Angels come and strengthen us, so we can drink this precious cup.

We watch and pray as Christ’s zeal is consumed
Upon the temple where God’s love does loom
The beast of burden driven from the court
The smoke’s replaced by Spirit and Truth.

And what is this house but a house of praise
What is this house from age to age
Lifting our voice to our God on high
Open our eyes…

So we can dwell within this Holy place
Consumed upon the altar of Your grace
Blessed to be the ones who first receive
Mercy that will set all the world free!

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